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About Us

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公司简介Penglai Luhao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and richly endowed Jiaodong Peninsula. It is located in the Penglai City of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea in the fairyland of the world. It is adjacent to Yantai Weihai in the east, Qingdao in the south, Dalian Lushun in the north, and the undersea tunnel under construction in the 13th Five-Year Plan. After 40 minutes from Penglai, you can reach Lushun. The road and railway ports are closely connected, and the four seasons are pleasant. It is a charming seaside city for tourism, leisure and residence.

The predecessor of the company was “Penglai Chemical Equipment Factory”, which was established in 1992. In 2002, “Penglai Lulu Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.” was established. The company covers an area of more than 100 acres, and more than 30 middle and senior engineering and technical workers hold the national quality supervision and quarantine. The General Administration of the People's Republic of China has issued the design and manufacturing license for Class 1 and Class A2 pressure vessels. It has been 27 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels. It is a well-known enterprise in China for research and development and manufacture of magnetic coupling-driven stirred reaction vessels. Container design and manufacturing, installation and maintenance after-sales service is a one-stop standard enterprise.

Based on the requirements of environmental protection in the new era, the company takes the professional team as the pioneer and relies on the accumulated stirring reaction technology, material anti-corrosion technology and testing machine simulation technology to professionally design and manufacture the stirred reaction vessel and Pryson membrane separation vessel. Non-standard pressure vessels such as hydrocracking reactors, cold-exchange vessels, storage vessels, cryogenic vessels, towers, etc., covering petrochemicals, catalytic hydrogenation, hydrometallurgy, pharmaceutical intermediates, perfume flavors, hydrocracking, agrochemicals Pesticide, tin aluminide, fine chemical, hydrothermal synthesis, fluorinated oxidation, new energy, new materials, coal chemical, scientific research units, universities, national defense technology, seawater desalination, esterification, tobacco, fuel, chlor-alkali, fertilizer Demand for industries such as Japan.

The market positioning products are of various specifications and types, magnetic coupling drive stirred autoclave, hydrogenation reactor, hydrogen autoclave, reaction kettle, hydrothermal synthesis kettle, hydrometallurgical kettle (horizontal/vertical), high pressure reactor, Polymerization kettle, condensation kettle, tin kettle, aluminum kettle, cryogenic reactor, hydrolysis kettle, grease tank, distillation kettle, laboratory high pressure reactor, and complete set of magnetic coupling drive stirring equipment; hydrotreating reactor Non-standard pressure vessels, such as hydrocracking reactor, dehydrogenation reactor, high pressure tubular condenser, high pressure tubular condensation reactor, high pressure fixed bed reactor, etc., have been well received by customers for many years, and the products are also exported to Singapore. , the United States, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, India and other countries.

In the past 27 years, “Luhao Huaji People” has adhered to the excellent tradition of “honest and trustworthy, rigorous and refinement”, and always adheres to the enterprise spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, as always, the professional team, with the safety and reliability of equipment as the primary priority. Serve the products with technology, stand on the market with product quality, provide first-class products and considerate services to new and old customers, and realize the new take-off of Luyi Chemicals!